Standing Quad Stretch

1.   Stand and place your right hand on a wall (or an object that won't move).

2.  Lift your right foot toward the back of your thigh and grasp it with your left hand.

3.   Slowly pull your foot as close as you can to the back of your thigh.

4.   Maintain a thirty-second hold at the point of maximum stretch. (Note: This stretch should be static, which means you should never pulse or bounce).

5.   Wait for ten seconds, then repeat the stretch with the opposite leg.


Other Key Points and Reminders

  Experiment with the placement of your feet to increase your stretch (for example, try moving your feet a little farther away from the wall).
  For a good variation (to shift the stress to the lower part of your calves), bend the back leg at the knee, while keeping your heel completely flat (you will feel the stretch in the Achilles tendon area of your calf). Make sure your foot is pointed straight, and don't bow or spread your knees.