Cable Triceps Extension (Machine)

1.   Select a weight that you're able to use for six to ten reps with strict form.

2.  Connect a straight or V-shaped bar (or a rope) to the top cable clip.

3.   Face the machine and position yourself about 2 or 3 feet from the stack.

4.   Grasp the bar or rope with your hands about 1 to 6 inches apart.

5.   Pull down on the bar or rope and stop when your upper arms touch your ribs. Your arms should be flush with your torso, with your hands just below your chest.

6.   With your neck and shoulders fully relaxed, slowly extend your arms. Your arms should be close to your body — try not to move them forward or back.

7.   Pause for one full second once your arms are completely straight.

8.   Lower the weight very slowly, without leaning forward or tensing your neck.

9.   Stop once your hands are level with the lowermost part of your chest.

10.   Perform as many strict reps as you can (don't force extra reps with poor form).

Other Key Points and Reminders

  Keep your wrists as straight as you can and try to relax your grip.
  Don't tuck your chin, turn your head to the side, or hyperextend your neck.
  Don't arch your back or lean forward. Keep your torso upright at all times.